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Frothy Monkey | Whiskey Maple Latte

Frothy Monkey | Whiskey Maple Latte

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Frothy Monkey

Welcome back to another Spotlight Coffee with Kinser. This week we travel to South Market Street in Downtown Chattanooga to Frothy Monkey for one of their popular lattes. Frothy Monkey is fairly new to Chattanooga. They roast in Nashville and currently have four locations. The original is located on 12 South. Chattanooga's location is housed in the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Apart from their amazing coffee, serve some top-notch food and local craft beer.

Whiskey Maple Latte

The Whiskey Maple Latte is one of Frothy's popular lattes. The flavors complement each other very well. Most lattes are either under or overwhelming, but the Whiskey Maple hits all the right notes. The one ingredient that really seals the deal is the Himalayan Salt. The whiskey sauce is made in-house.

Overall Ingredients

Like any latte, it starts with pulling a shot and steaming the milk. There are many options for milk alternatives but whole milk gives a better steam because of the fat content. They add in the espresso and steamed milk to the in-house whiskey maple syrup and top it off with the Himalayan Salt.

Final Thoughts

If you are local, be sure to stop by and try the Whiskey Maple Latte and give me your opinion and thoughts. If you aren't local, have you discovered something similar or what is your favorite local latte? Let's discuss, and stay tuned next week. We travel to Mad Priest Roasters for one of the pour-overs.

Jeremiah Kinser

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