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Velo Coffee Roasters | Wake up and Smell the Apples

Velo Coffee Roasters | Wake up and Smell the Apples

Spotlight Coffee

Velo Coffee Roasters

Welcome to our weekly spotlight coffee. This week Jacob, from N7 Coffee Lab, and I traveled down Main Street in downtown Chattanooga to a coffee shop that has been around for a few a years and is growing to be one of my favorites in Chattanooga. Andrew Gage is the head roaster and owner. He has really dialed into getting those wonderful flavors out in ever roast. To find out more about Velo, be sure to check them out at

The Espresso

Wake up and Smell the Apples is the creation by one of Velo's top baristas! Her name is Peri and she has created a wonderful delight! The name of her creation really complements the drink as well. The start the drink off by pulling an espresso that is from their Seasonal Espresso Blend called Bone Shaker. The Bone Shaker is from the regions Cerrado and Quiche. It is a mixture of washed and natural processed. Within this blend, notes of apple and caramel can be discovered. That is where the Apples in Wake up and Smell the Apples gets its name.

Spiced Cider

The second ingredient to our delicious drink is spiced cider. Pari warms up enough to go in the small class to be mixed with the espresso. One could say that is all you need for this drink to be quite good. There is one more ingredient to add that will give it the extra kick.

A Slice of Orange

The final ingredient is such a great touch. Pari slices off a slice of orange peel and before she drops it in the cup mixed with the cider and espresso shot, she gently rubs the rim of the cup with the peel.  What an awesome combo.

Final Thoughts

This drink caught me off guard on how intricate but so simple a coffee beverage can be. For my Chattanooga locals, go out and try the drink and give us your feedback on the forum. My non-locals, have you tried anything like it and if you have gives your feedback as well in the Spotlight Coffee section in the forum. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Jeremiah Kinser

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