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  • jameswcox started the topic New Website in the forum Introduce yourself! 1 month ago

    The new site looks great.  I hope to be at the Moxy next year!!

  • Spotlight Coffee
    Mean Mug Coffee Roasters
    This week Jacob, @N7CoffeeLab, headed to Northshore in Downtown Chattanooga at Mean Mug Coffee Roasters. This is their second location. It has been open little over […]

  • One bag down, and four to go. Just finished up Central Kenya from Velo. Made it on a V60 with several ratios and decided that 16:1 yielded the best. It had a sweet caramel aroma. The taste was grapefruit on the front and tomato on the back. Buttery body and a tart acidity. The aftertaste was lingering. Highly recommend if you like juicy…[Read more]

  • Spotlight Coffee
    Frothy Monkey
    Welcome back to another Spotlight Coffee with Kinser. This week we travel to South Market Street in Downtown Chattanooga to Frothy Monkey for one of their popular lattes. […]

  • I just had a coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab the Monarch Espresso…it was amazing! They have a cool website where you can buy all their coffee too!

    • Thanks for sharing that! The Monarch, is it just for espresso or can I use it on a pour over? If so, which do you recommend?

      • I used it on a V60 pour over method. I ground the whole beans on a #14 setting. It was delicious! Espresso roasts are coffee beans that can be used for any brew method. The beans just get a little extra roasting to decrease acidity in the coffee and make the overall body fuller, hence a more robust mouthfeel when you enjoy the coffee:)

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