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Chattoween Coffee Crawl

31 October 2018 Chattanooga, TN.


31 October 2018




Jeremiah Kinser



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About the Crawl

Chattanooga Coffee Crawl (C3 Event) was developed by Jeremiah Kinser to give enthusiasts of quality-driven coffee, tea, and chocolate a one-of-a-kind experience. Designed as an interactive, pub crawl style tour event, Chattanooga Coffee Crawl gives individuals an opportunity to learn, share and experience what the passionate baristas, tea soms, coffee roasters, chocolatiers and other local artisan producers in their communities bring to the table. 

These products are an intrinsic part of our daily lives – from our morning cups of coffee to the evening nightcap of tea or treat of artisan chocolate. Many of us have embraced the craft and passion behind the teams of people that help produce these products and make our communities a better place to live. Through Chattanooga Coffee Crawl, fans like us are being given a chance to learn more about the quality, technique and process of the products, and get to know the artisans behind the products a little better. 


Each stop includes a fun and educational presentation along with samples they provide, and meet new people who love coffee as much as you do.

After Party

After the Crawl is completed, one of the local shops will host a small after party for all the attendees and share a little about their brand and product.

Goody Bag

What is in the goody bag? Goodies can range from stickers, coupons, and treats. There will also be map that will cover information of each stop along the route.


Nathan Brunner

Rembrandt's Coffee House

Tyler Sowrey

Mean Mug

Andrew Gage

Velo Coffee

Back Inn Café After Party

Costume Crawl and After Party!

Exclusive event! Only a limited amount of spots!

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Private Halloween Event
$ 40
  • Transportation Provided
  • Three Presentations
  • Samples
  • Goody Bag
  • Route Map
  • After Party
  • 1/2 Off Wine

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Love coffee, tea, chocolate, fresh juice, and other artisan beverages? Enjoy visiting new shops, tasting great drinks, and learning more about the people and techniques that go into the craft? By joining Chattanooga Coffee Crawl, you will be supporting in your local beverage culture and signing up for some riotous fun exploring different shops.

Essentially, it’s the coolest event revolving around coffee shop culture that bridges the gap between consumers and industry in a celebration of local scene. Crawls include quality driven coffee, tea (includes kombucha), juice, soda, and craft chocolate. Currently there are 5 or 6 organized stops per route. More specifics below.

It’s a blast. Prepare to enjoy lots of drinks, usually coffee and tea. Samples at each stop often range in the 3-6 oz. sample size. You won’t be as jittery as you’d think, and depending on your route there might be a chocolatier/chocolate maker, and a few pairings along the way. Each stop includes a fun and educational presentation along with samples they provide. You’ll pick up some killer swag, and meet new people who love coffee as much as you do. You’ll be joining what’s becoming a cherished tradition for many folks in Chattanooga. We will be happy to see you.

We’re thrilled to have you along. We’ll send you an email with more information pertaining to the route you selected. The week leading up to the event you’ll receive another email from us with reminders about the event, After Party news, and your route program. Everything is sent to the email that purchased the tickets.

Quality, friendliness, independence (no national chains), passion, and excitement. There’s enough egos in each industry, and we strive to work with businesses that want to meet their customers, and strengthen their local food and beverage community.

Only if he or she has a ticket. No stowaways! Contact us on details about young children. We’re super kid friendly, and we have several pre-teens and teens that attend with a relative, also. Most of the time space is limited because the size of some shops, and in that case, only ticket holders may attend. 

Weather-appropriate, with layers since you’ll be going in and out of shops and vehicles. Comfy walking shoes are usually a plus. We’ve witnessed relationships beginning on Chattanooga Coffee Crawl, so having a good hair day wouldn’t hurt.

For the most part,  everyone will provide their own transportation. Occasionally, we will work with local bike rentals, and might have specials on those when we do. Parking shouldn’t be a problem at each stop.

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Chattanooga Coffee Crawl

This innovative concept is building a community that reaches from one side of the bar to the other, and we want you to be a part of it!

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