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I wished I had Jesse’s Brew | Burundi Gitwe Natural | Augie’s Coffee

I wished I had Jesse’s Brew | Burundi Gitwe Natural | Augie’s Coffee
Augies Coffee Roaster
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It has been a few weeks now since the first Mistobox opening, and what Kinser and Kent have discovered with every bag of coffee so far is each one has so much character, quality, and beauty to it. For Kinser, it has been an enjoyable emotional experience with every coffee since opening the first Mistobox. Each coffee has so much depth and character to it. It changes its taste from one brew method to another. One of the coffee’s that Kinser thought he was going to absolutely dislike, ended up captivating him. It caught him by surprise on how wonderful it was, especially on the French Press.  

Their goal

Just like previous weeks, Kinser and Kent’s goal is to use three different brew methods. This week they will be using the Hario V60, Chemex, and the Clever. Kent suggests not to take each brew method lightly. They need to be treated properly with precise love and care. Depending on the region, the process method, and roast, not every brew method will favor that coffee. For instance, Kinser and Kent have discovered that the fruitier coffees tend to do well on the Hario due to a thinner filter. Whereas, with the Chemex and its thicker filter, it does very well with more earthy and herbal tasting coffees. After Kinser and Kent discover the best brew method for this week’s coffee, they will follow it up with a sweet and savory pairing This week they will not only have one sweet pairing but a savory one as well.

Augie’s Coffee Roasters

This week Kinser and Kent will be brewing up coffee from Augie’s Coffee Roasters located in California. They have four shop locations. One in Redlands, Riverside, Claremont, and Temecula Cali. Every shop has a slightly different look from one another. “There’s more to making coffee taste great than just buying fresh, high-quality beans.” This is not only what Augie’s Coffee Roasters believe in and standby, but it is the whole principle to coffee brewing that Kinser and Kent want to bring to every cup of coffee they brew. Even the most perfect beans, if brewed wrong, can produce a terrible cup. Just like all the coffee they have received through Mistobox, Augie’s has a strong bond with their community and their farmers,

“We hope to help weave a web of quality and caring within all the communities we operate in.”

This also can be seen in Kinser and Kent’s local community in downtown Chattanooga, Tn. They all support and feed off each other for the greater purpose, and this is what makes Third Wave Coffee so wonderful.

Burundi Gitwe Natural

Burundi GitweThis week’s coffee is from the region Gitwe of Burundi in Africa. This naturally processed coffee was sourced from the growing region of Muramvya Province in Burundi and was grown by a smallholder producer at 2,000 meters. Augie’s has been working with the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi for four years now. The Long Miles Coffee Project was founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson, an American couple living in Burundi.  Upon seeing the difficulties Muramvya farmers faced while Ben was working as a coffee trader, the Carlsons built two washing stations in the region, and have worked with area farmers to help them fetch better prices. Burundi has produced coffee for quite some time, but the country’s progression towards producing high-quality specialty coffee was interrupted in the 1990s and early 2000s by political unrest and ethnic violence, some of which spilled over the border from Rwanda during and after that country’s genocide.  Despite the continued threat of political instability, and the challenges of being a poor, landlocked country, farmers from Burundi are successfully improving their coffee each year, and specialty coffee’s higher prices seem to have a major impact on quality of life in the country’s coffee growing regions.

Their Results

Mistobox’s curator Samantha described the notes as,

“big juicy fruit notes of blackberry plum and orange.”

With that helpful tip from Samantha and the very helpful interactive flavor wheel, Kinser and Kent will attempt to choose what they believe is the most balanced and delicious cup that comes closest to Samantha’s note description. Time to Brew!

  1. Hario V60-medium to fine grind
  • The aroma! Kinser discovered a hint of blackberry, but Kent picked up more of a juicy fruit aroma. The Hario produced a light body with Burundi. The natural sweetness was all over the place for Kinser and Kent. Kent described the taste as being apple at first but more of a citrus as it cooled. Kinser got more of sweet, slightly brown, floral, and musty taste. It can be compared to a prune. Kinser and Kent both agreed the acidity was very high, but only there for a split second.
  1. Chemex-medium grind
  • Let’s move on to the Chemex! The Chemex pulled a whole different aroma out of Burundi. Kinser and Kent both picked up on a heavy floral aroma. Quite different from the Hario. Unlike the light body the Hario yielded, Chemex brought out a more medium body. For the natural sweetness, Kent picked up a blackberry with a somewhat woody taste. For Kinser, it was just the blackberry that stood out. The acidity was high but only for a moment in the beginning
  1. Clever Dripper-medium-coarse grind
  • Once again, this week the Clever has been replaced by the French Press. They are both immersion brew methods. The one thing that separates the two brew methods is the filters they use. Just like the Chemex, for Kinser and Kent, the Clever produced a floral aroma but with a slightly sweet fruitiness within it. Both the Chemex and Hario yielded quite different flavors and so did the Clever. The natural sweetness for both Kinser and Kent was a mixture of a grapefruit and orange flavor. Just like on the Hario, the acidity was high. Only there for the first taste.

In Conclusion

This was a coffee that had way different characteristics for each brew method. It was almost like drinking a different coffee for each altogether. The only thing they had in common was the acidity. As far as the one that came closest to the notes described by the Mistobox curator Samantha, all the brew methods had bits and parts of the notes she described, but none of them seem to have them all. And for this reason, Kinser and Kent for the first time were torn between what they thought did the best job. Kent preferred the Apple taste the Hario produced and Kinser favored the grapefruit taste the Clever gave.

The Pairing

Kinser and Kent not only get the one treat to pair with this week’s coffee but three. First up, the Date Walnut Banana Bread! It is Banana bread with a little extra touch. Before biting into this masterful creation of dessert, Kinser took a long loud slurp from the coffee brewed with the Clever Dripper. After spreading the grapefruit taste across his palate, he shoved the soft Date Walnut Banana Bread in his mouth. While chewing, he gave a big thumbs up. Kinser described his experience as a zesty dark chocolate fruit salad.

The next two pairings were more of a savory treat. They are a Cheddar and Gruyere Cheese Puffs! Quite delicious alone, but how would they pair with a Burundi Gitwe Natural brewed with a Hario? For this pairing, Kent would be putting his taste buds to the challenge with the brew from the Hario. The Hario gave Burundi an apple taste rather than a grapefruit flavor that the Clever Dripper yielded. Kent took his first sip and followed it by another before biting into the Cheddar Cheese Puff. His facial expression stayed blank. He then took a few sips and tried the Gruyere Cheese Puff. After a deep thought, he compared the experience to a time when he was a child snacking on slices of cheese and apple with a chocolate dipping sauce. Very nostalgic. 


Jeremiah Kinser

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