How to use Proctor Silex coffee maker?

Delicious coffee is the key to a good day. Today, to pamper yourself with a cup of aromatic espresso, you do not need to go to a coffee shop: you can prepare your favorite drink using the Proctor Silex coffee maker.

Today we will consider the principle of operation of this technique, how much coffee you need to put into the device, and also give recommendations for use.

What is the Proctor Silex coffee maker?

This is a drip coffee maker. The reason for the popularity of this device turned out to be that the drip coffee machine is the best suited for the preparation of “Americano”.

In addition, Proctor Silex coffee makers are very easy to use, which has played in favor of their popularity.

What does a modern Proctor Silex coffee maker look like? This is an electrical device, one of the main elements in which the heater enters. The hot water flows through a special filter that holds the ground coffee. Then the drink enters the tank.

Despite the fact that all coffee makers of this type are arranged approximately the same, devices of different brands differ in their characteristics.

These include: design, power, volume, as well as the material from which the device is made.

Additional functions include the presence of a timer and delayed start, indication, electronic or mechanical control, the possibility of heating and maintaining the temperature. We can safely say that the Proctor Silex coffee maker is a great device.

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Principle of operation

The Proctor Silex coffee maker has changed little since its invention, although, of course, it has acquired additional features to make life easier for coffee lovers.

It works as follows:

  • The reservoir, which is most often located behind the appliance, is filled with water. Then the liquid enters the boiler.
  • After that, the water in the tank heats up to 90-95 degrees Celsius and rises up the tube.
  • Slowly, drop by drop, the water passes through the filter containing the ground coffee powder and into the lower compartment of the coffee maker.
  • The readiness of the coffee can be judged by the fullness of the cup: as soon as all the liquid heats up and passes through the filter, then your drink will be ready.

A number of models have special functions that also affect the way the machine works:

  • The coffee maker may have a built-in grinder. It is believed that the most delicious and aromatic coffee comes from those beans that are ground immediately before use.
  • Some devices are equipped with protection against possible overflow, as well as a heating platform that allows you to constantly maintain the temperature of the drink.
  • The choice of the required number of mugs and the function of selecting the desired strength will help you brew coffee that will meet all your needs. Most Proctor Silex coffee makers support two brewing modes: strong or “mild” flavor.

The device of the Proctor Silex coffee maker

The basic structure of all Proctor Silex coffee makers has a similar structure. The device consists of the following elements:

  • A water tank into which the user pours cold water. Most often it is non-removable and located at the back.
  • Boiler (tank). It heats the liquid.
  • Heating element.
  • Funnel, which can be removable or not, as well as a filter for coffee. The filter is a stand-alone unit and requires periodic replacement.
  • Ready-to-drink container. It can be a flask, and in simpler models, ordinary cups play its role.

How to use? Your coffee maker will delight you with a fragrant drink for a long time if you follow a number of recommendations for its use:

  • Pay attention to the water you use to make your coffee. It is best not to use tap water as it tends to build up limescale deposits on the heating element. Filtered or bottled water is best. Keep the container high when filling the reservoir. Such a life hack will enrich the water with oxygen, which will have the best effect on the taste of the finished coffee.
  • Use your favorite grind. However, according to reviews for this type of coffee maker, coarse powder is best suited. Add your favorite spices to the funnel for a truly exclusive flavor and aroma to invigorate the elixir. Ginger, cinnamon, coriander and vanilla are best suited for this purpose.
  • If you have a desire to feel like a barista, then buy a model in which you can adjust the power. So, brewing coffee at high power, you will get a less invigorating drink with a mild bitterness. This option is suitable for those who are already in a hurry: the high power significantly reduces the cooking time. But at low power, you can reveal the finest notes of taste and aroma of coffee beans.
  • As we mentioned above, the cooking speed depends on the power. The higher it is, the faster you can enjoy your drink. On average, it takes about ten minutes to prepare one cup.
  • Do not forget about such a useful function as heating. If you prefer to drink coffee all day long, then this supplement will save you a lot of time.

Step-by-step instructions for using Proctor Silex devices

To brew your favorite Americano, follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect the coffee maker to the power supply.
  2. Fill the tank with water, referring to the special mark.
  3. Fill the filter with coffee. In proportion, be guided by one teaspoon per 100 milliliters of water.
  4. Close the filter. Place the container for the finished drink.
  5. Press the button to start the device.
  6. Wait for all the water to flow as coffee into the reservoir.
  7. Turn off the coffee maker.
  8. Pour the finished drink into a cup.

Caring for your coffee maker

After finishing work, it is enough to remove the disposable filter or thoroughly rinse and clean the reusable one from the remains of dormant coffee. Then dry the mesh filter, insert it into the holder and replace it.

By applying this simple rule, you can keep the drip coffee maker working for years to come.


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