How to Choose the Best Coffee Machine

After all the years and months of deciding and hard thinking, you’ve finally decided to get an espresso coffee machine , but whatkind ? How to choose when all the coffee machines in the market have about probably the same functions –making coffee- ?

You really thought so huh ? Likewise to say.

Now before you even begin picking the perfect suitor for you –and you family- , there are a few crucial things you have to know.

1 ) The FOUR Different Types Of Machines

Starting with the most basic – and cheapest- of them all.

: The Moka Pot

These are basically simple stove heated pots. Sadly, it doesn’t come with milk foaming and frothing attachments, at all. It is very ser friendly ( Easy to use ) and produces less pressure compared to mechanized version.

Cheapest coffee maker / brewer you can find.

p/s, the taste brewed by this coffee maker is usually different than what the espresso machine makes.

It has a more ‘heavier’ body and stronger taste, while espresso brings out a more delicate acidity-ish, fruity and flora taste.

Steam Powered Espresso Machines – also one of the cheapest around-

The water heated from this machine produces steam that creates pressure to force the water through the coffee grounds.

However, be warned that the pressure produced isn’t always strong enough to create that delicious foamy cream layer on your espresso. It is smaller in size therefore has a beautiful and sleek design.

  • Very reasonably priced at roughly the same cost as an average drip coffee maker.
  • They are the simplest machines and usually have the fewest features.
  • It can create an extremely hot cup of espresso, why? Well, basically for it to produce enough steam, this machines has to heat the water to at least 200 degrees
  • Hence, possible risks could happen in the kitchen at these temperatures
  • Also note that high heat can affect the overall flavor too, sometimes also depending on type of beans.

Lever/Piston Espresso Machines

  • There is a manual lever and piston on these models to create the pressure
  • Can be hard on the arm
  • Very quiet machine
  • Espresso quality can vary
  • You’ve got to know the amount of water to add, coffee beans to brew and all those related ‘technical’ skills to produce a nice hot cup of espresso coffee.

: Pump Espresso Machines

  • These use a powered pump to produce the right amount of water pressure
  • Usually the most expensive in the market, but you can still find some with reasonable price.
  • Can be quite large, bulky and noisy.
  • Produces excellent espresso, obviously, due to its market price.
  • Pump can sometimes get clogged with mineral deposits from the water
  • Commercial machines are often this type.
  • These espresso machines are also usually found in coffee shops, bars etc..

2 ) The Material

Siىce you’ve been briefly introduced to the four types of espresso machine available, be sure to check out its material.

You want quality and overall heating throughout your fresh cup of espresso, not to mention fast servings.

In such cases, users would normally go for aluminum and metal boilers as they take shorter time to heat up compared to the plastic espresso makers. And nobody likes to wait long minutes for their hot, delicious cup of coffee, now would they?

3) Price

Now that you probably already have your own personal preference of the type of espresso machine you would most prefer, it’s time you look at your budget.

It is no doubt at all that most of the users think that the higher the price, the better the quality. It’s an undeniable fact. But things are not always at one direction.

As I mentioned above, you can get a quality espresso machine at affordable prices. Search a little here and there, Google it, look it on up on any ‘groupon’ websites, or just ask around, you’re certain to find an espresso machine that’s in your budget.

If there is still no luck, wait for a stock clearance or discount sale and try to bargain for more.

4) Design/Style

Yes. Design it is.

And I don’t mean ‘buy an espresso machine that you fell in love with at first sight’ – unless it happens to be what you need- .

What I mean here is, survey for espresso machines that is suitable with your kitchens’ design, or is small and ‘compact’ enough to fit in your messy kitchen. Although, most users are likely to pick ones that are bulky and rectangular in shape.

But there is nothing to worry about with so many designs available in market. You’re bound to find more than two designs to your liking. But remember, only pick the one that suits the function you desire.

5) Bar Pressure

Be sure to check and ask the salesman of the availability of bar pressure . Why ?

Well, bar pressure is needed in order to convert ground coffee into espresso. The minimum you should get is the ones that guarantees at least 9 bar pressure. But of course, the more, the better they say.

Now that you have the five essential tips on how to choose the best coffee machines, act wise before purchasing one.

Also, be sure to follow the guidelines given here and any other article related to this topic, and you’ll be sure to have an espresso machine that makes espresso and coffee of your desires.

Happy Espresso Machine Shopping !

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